About Thirst

Set in 2017, four people isolated in their different ways, are trapped, with little water, in the desert outback of Australia. Against impossible odds can they find meaning, connection, laughter... even love before it is too late?

Kit, a beautiful 18 year old, fostered since birth, goes on the run with 17 year old Zac, the son of her foster family following a near fatal shooting. They head for the desert where Kit remembers seeing on television abandoned mining huts where they could take refuge.

In the desert, living in just such a hut, a woman, Minna searches for something mysterious, digging deep holes everywhere.

When a mining company employee, Boyce, arrives from head office to take Minna back to the city, several days drive away, she refuses to go. A violent struggle ensues and the two become stranded with no way back.

Kit and Zac, out of petrol, arrive and the four are reluctantly thrust together to survive.

Boyce, a wise-cracking, failed comedian; Minna, intelligent scientist, obsessively searching for something mysterious; Kit, drop-dead gorgeous, believing she cannot love; Zac, crazy for Kit but with no idea how to connect.

Isolated in their different ways, the four are forced to make choices that challenge their ideas of themselves, expose their true needs, and offer the chance to live a whole life in a day.